Umbra Chronicles

Game Concept

Umbra Chronicles is 2D scroll beat’em up, with a medieval dark fantasy setting.



The game is made with a custom engine coded from scratch in C++ without any external libraries or dlls.


I took care of the all the logic of the gameplay, from the character movement, physics and collisions, to enemy AI. Also worked implementing all the level events and triggers and building the levels.

In the initial steps of the project I created the foundation for the game objects and the system to manage them, as well as the scene manager. I also took part in the development of the custom level editor built in Qt.

We focused our efforts in achieving a compelling dark atmosphere, with some spectacular moments triggered while advancing through the levels.

And to mimic the fighting games collision system we created our own animaton editor in C# to draw all the different logic collision into the different frames of the animation.


Awards and nominations

Best Basque game (Hoplay 2013)

Finalist best university game (Gamelab 2014)


Team – Red Monkeys

Eneko Egiluz      – Programmer and Producer

Sergio Vicente    – Programmer

Ander Guerrero – Programmer

Imanol Celaya    – Programmer

Eduardo Garcia – Artist

Gonzalo Cano     – Artist

Aitor Gomez       – Programmer and Designer