Iona : Coded Will


Game Concept

Iona is 3D first person parkour game.



To do Iona we had to develop our own engine in C++, build from the ground up, without any external library.


I was in charge of the design and gameplay logic and systems, as well as the foundation of the custom external editor. Iona was my first game in 3D so it was a challenge to do a 3D parkour game. But we wanted to face the challenge of creating an inmersive experience of fast agile movement in first person, and find our own answers.

Building the logic of the character, we played with our own animation system to play and blend the different animations to convey speed and agility. Manage when and how to leave free camera movement and when to let the animation override it, without loosing inmersion. Being able to perform amazing parkour tricks with minimum input, proyecting the position into the near future, and adding some screen effects. All of this to try to mimic the experience of free running, the velocity, the agility.

You can see here how the game evolved from the very early stages in which all the systems were in a prototype state, and how they evolved for the final game.



This is how we can fast and easily create new levels thanks to the custom external editor built in C#.


Awards and Nominations

Finalist best Basque game (Hoplay 2014)


Team – Void Vector

Andoni Besa           – Programmer

Imanol Celaya        – Programmer

Aitor Gomez           – Programmer and Designer

Antoine Micaelian – Programmer

Jaime Uriarte          – Programmer

Aitor Tejedor          – Team Manager / Programmer

Ilaski Echeandia    – Team Manager / Programmer

Sergio Vicente        – Programmer

Sendoa Bergasa     – Artist

Xabier España       – Artist

Xabier Sevillano    – Artist