CS380: Artificial Intelligence for Games

Instructor: Iker Silvano

Framework: C++ engine provided in class

Topics covered in the course included the game AI programmer mindset, AI architecture (state machines, rule-based systems, goal-based systems, trigger systems, smart terrain, scripting, message passing, debugging AI), movement, path-finding, emergent behavior, agent awareness, agent cooperation, terrain analysis, planning, and learning/adaptation.


We implemented several pathfinding algorithms like Dijkstra and A*, adding some improvements like rubber bonding, smoothing and different heuristics algorithms.


Terrain Analysis:

We implemented several terrain analysis algorithms like , openness-to-closest-wall, static and dynamic visibility and sniper spots. Taking the analysis in consideration in the pathfinding alrorithm.


Final project:

The final project left us the possibility to explore any topic of interest to us. I decided to learn more about procedural generation and decided to implement a random dungeon generator based on the post in gamasutra from A. Adonaac.


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