Hi!, I am Aitor Gomez, aka Falven, a game programmer and co-founder of Kaia Studios a small indie game studio based in Bilbao. I have always love playing games but never thought making them will be even better.

Before creating Kaia Studios, I studied a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Real Time Interactive Simulation at Digipen Institute of Technology Europe-Bilbao. Those were four hard years of working and studying, but mostly working. I discovered what meant to create a game from scratch, work with an team from different nationalities and backgrounds, with fixed and tight milestones similar to the industry standard. Hard, but very rewarding, and that it is why with 3 colleagues we decided to create our own company, Kaia Studios, to keep doing what we love.

Two years have passed since the graduation and we have released our first game Dynasty Feud on steam and it is coming in the next months to PS4. It has been a whole new adventure and hope more are coming.

Thanks for visiting this small corner of the web, where I will share some of my works and experiences.

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