Game Concept

DualTron is a two player cooperative action platformer, in which each player will have to advance through its own lane assisting the other, overcoming the different challenges.



DualtroN is a game conceived with cooperation in mind. We wanted the player to cooperate and care about the other player even more than in yourself.

There is only one weapon and the players need to share it between them, passing the weapon to the other player whenever they want. Cooperation is key, almost all of the challenges in the game need the cooperation of the players to suceed.


I was in charge of building the design of the game, creating and building the challenges and game mechanics. I also ended building the player logic and movement using a mix between unity physics and our own.

I also put together in the levels all the different challenges and designed the final bosses of the levels.


DualtroN was our first project using a third party engine, Unity3D.




Team – Dystopia

Aitor Tejedor – Programmer

Jon Sanchez    – Programmer

Eneko Egiluz   – Programmer and Production

Aitor Gomez    – Programmer and Desginer