Dynasty Feud

Dynasty Feud is 2D multiplayer platformer brawler, in which you won’t pick a character to fight, you will pick a whole dynasty formed by 5 of them. The characters are your life bar, if you lose all of them, that’s it, the game is over.

With 40 character, distributed among 8 historical dynasties as different as cowboys, vikings or aztecs. Each character plays different, and has it own abilities being the characters very different between themselves.

But the other players won’t be the only threat, the level will move, transform and destroy with the development of the battle.

Everything mixed becomes a chaotic hilarious battle in which the last survivor will emerge victorious.

The game is made in Unity3D, it was realeased on steam , and it will be on PS4.

My role during development was gameplay programmer and game designer, taking care of the design, and logic and system implementation to support the gameplay of all the characters and levels of the game.

I also implemented the menu and hud logic and animations.

Due to the arcade movement we wanted, we had to implement our own physics and collision detection for the characters. This was not the only logic that we had to overwrite in Unity. Due to the online model implementation that we followed (based on GGPO) we needed complete control over execution of many systems that unity handles by themself, so we reimplemented systems like, objects logic update (FixedUpdate), physics and collisions. So we could execute them whenever we wanted and the number of times we wanted.

It was challenge to have the game working online, but we managed to pull it off.